The last word might have a lil bit off meaning from the others but still can be used =p

Woke up done what ever need to be done, and bukak laa fb saye on bb.. A friend who I am not sure of posted something on the wall about oink oink *budget bunyi lagi sopan*.. Apparently they say in one part of the world, they are pig-sheep hybrid animal… Google it and u can see it for yourself.. So this goood friend of mine whom I don’t know, circulates this, dengan harapan tertulis di situ, jangan amek mudah barang2 dibuat dr bulu kambing sbb mane tau, itu adelah “bulu” oink oink…

Tapi sy tk percaye ade hybrid pig-sheep… Its either mmg ade or photoshop…

Bile digoogle, sememangnye wuujud binatang itu… Even mat salehs thought its some kind off hybrid… Apparently, these oinks live in cold weather places n hills… So the coat is essential laa… They dnt kill the animal nor eat it cz it is extinct… Siap ade kat zoo sbb dh nak mati species itu… Tp ade aje laa kemungkinan illegal hunters utk buat bnd2 tu… Tp apsal laa susah sgt… Korban sekor biri2 jer laa…

My point is, sebelum sebar, check laa dlu…. Jangan laa main ckp jerr… Betul, we have to be careful…. Tp ade aje orang2 yang taksub sgt dgn benda2 yang HARAM ni….sbb nampak besaar tuhh…. Makan oink oink… PERGHHHH!!!! Jahil gileeeee…. Tapi smayang tunggang tebalik…. Biase laaa tuh, manusia…. Kadang2 terlalai…. Padahal, tiang agama itu sembahyang kut….

And please bare in mind, not all mat salehs know our can and can’t… Halal n haram… so they might not do it on purpose… We as muslims laa kene be careful… But jangan laa smpi tukar citer n exagerate kan stories…. Dah free2 kau dpt dose menfitnah… Kalau tk pun, buat citer palsu *menipu laa kirenye kan?*

Sebenarnye byk nak tulis, tapi sbb menaip kat bb sgt laa penat jari… Tk mampu nak tulis lagi byk….

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