How Long has it been?

Its been awhile since I last wrote here I think.. I had my turning point of my life… Changed new job, did some side work(s) and I think all are for the better… No need to say much about what I do now in my new job… But to whom who knows me, smthg along the line what I’m doing know…. And insyaAllah, its gonna be better… It does look promising 😉

I am also selling cheesecakes now!! And it seems like there’s a lot of orders from friends/customers… 🙂 baking is kinda my okie and prolly d only talent I have… I don’t do good in cooking, playing instruments, sports lalalala… So yea, having said that, if u stumbled upon this, and feel like trying my cheesecake, I dnt mind making samples for you.. 😀 *sempat promote kauu!!*

I am also helping out my sister with her doorgift… Goshh…. Remind me not to do such complicated doorgift when mine comes…. A simple one wud be nice.. Sshe still has 1000++ to do and there’s 2months left… I don’t have all the time in the world, but heck, what’s a big sister gonna do? Watch her lil sister cry on the day of her wedding? Of course not… Biar lah kene letak colok dimate skali pun, akan aku buat lah utk adek ku sorang tuh…. Harapan nanti, aku boleh ungkit balik… Muahahahaha!!!! Tipu sahaje….

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