What others have to say

There’s so many things that people like to say; about politics, accidents, incidents, rumors/gossips, bla bla bla… Even though we don’t really practice free speech in Malaysia, but we do it anyways. No one can stop us from thinking and saying anything.

I like this one blog and she said something about Open minded.. She kinda explained how people got the term wrong. Openminded is not OK having sex before marriage, OK with drinking alcohol or OK with drugs.. Openminded is OK and accept the fact that there are people who are gay and lesbian, accept the fact that there are people who doesnt believe in any religions *freethinker* or accept that people do get haywire and tend to do stupid things.

Its true what she said.. people misused this terms and define it to their understanding. Its okei to define something to your own understanding *free speeh again* but tengok laa ape mende yang you try to selfdefine.. free2 memperbodohkan diri.. Cheh.. emo laa plak..

Enuf said there.. Just read her entry and you’ll understand what i mean..

On to something almost related, I hate people who just being pure racist. Yes, each race has its attributes that is significant; i.e. chinese are good with math, malays are polite and indians are physically tougher than others.. Disclaimer: examples tersebut adalah contoh semate2 which i picked up from thin air.. These are some typical things i heard from people without them noticing

1- Chinese/malay/indian memang pentingkan kaum sendiri.. Semua business, diorg distribute to them jer.. takut kaum lain tindas diorg.. *mind you, this is every kaum cakap pasal every kaum*

2- Bila chinese/malay/indian buat, takpe, bila kite buat, tak boleh..

3- Chinese/malay/indian memang jahat.. bila cakap pasal bunuh, merompak, samun, mesti orang same jugak..

Note the similarities there.. every race does the same thing; if chinese choose their people, malay pun pilih orang kita, and indian does the same.. Chinese bunuh orang, malay bunuh orang, indian pun bunuh orang..  Why?

Because all of us are human.. NORMAL human being..

We can think other people is better than us, or we can think we are worst than others.. but on the other hand, they think exatly like we think.. Kenape nak kecoh? Kita ada kelebihan kita, ade kekurangan kita.. Diorang pun ade..

Uishh.. takut laa plak cakap pasal bende nih.. kang kene ISA ke, kene ban ke.. susah..

Peace =D

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