my own stupidity

I really don’t understand… I’m confiused… I have done what I need to do… Reminded myself.. Let it be seen to the eyes so I know exactly what I should do… But I still forgot…

I have gone alll the way,went thru the hassle and there I was, forgotting it… Of course, its no biggie, turning back and do what I need to. But such. a waste of time!

This is not the first, the second! At least d first one I realized it earlier…

Because of my own stupidity and forgetfullness, I forgot my laptop for work…………

2 thoughts on “my own stupidity

  1. jimmy

    Don’t be too hard on yourself.. everyone makes mistake once a while. everyone forget one or two thing a day. Just be calm, relax & focus..

    Perhaps too much meat on various open house & walimatul urus makes you forget stuff hehe

    1. an1es0n1ck Post author

      Hehehe… Naahh… Was just being a drama queen… Itt was actually nice…. Came back, had my breakfast, lepak2 skit, bukak mail jap, then went off to office again…. I don’t mind at all doing it everyday šŸ˜‰


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