After Eid

Before it was Eid…. Everyone is busyyyy…. Waiit… Its not Eid, it Ramadhan…

Before Ramadhan, u can expect tonnes of weddings invitation, engagement invitations, this and that invitation… During ramadhan, iftars invitation… After Eid, there’s raya itself n open house invitation….

U tell me, when exactly do you dream to loose weight???? Maintain… Maybe… But loose weight? Na’ahh sista… U ain’t goin no where with dat weight honey… *gaye goyang2 badan n mate sarcastic* putting on weight? Oh yea baby… Dats like right on!!

Before ramadhan, perghhh, susoh bona to ganti pose… During ramadhan, it was easy n kinda said, this year, I shall do puase 6… After eid, where got easy by then…. Everyone is eating, malay, indian n chinese… Smell of aromatic coffee wpun kopi tuh kopi murah sbb companyy tknk membazir beli illy… Lunch hour, people tapau from pakccik bawah stall, u can not just smell, but see the aura of catfish n paru goreng…. ADUYYY!!! Lagi kuar cabaran selepas bulan puase…. So, u cheat urself, takpe, esok aku pose… And another, and anaother, andddd… Eyh dh abes Syawal? Alamak…. Xsempat aku nak puase… Cam kjp je kan? Hampeh… *dats to me too =D*

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