Dear old me part 2

Dear Old Me,

You know how it feels like when ppl compare you with others… You know how it feels when people think what happened to your family/relatives wud happen to u as well… You know when people look down on u because of what happened to you in d past…

just remember,
you grew to become better and stronger
you learn out of mistakes
you are you, n not others…

Susah ke nak faham dat part? Budak kecik pun tau kutpeople are jealous with other people… Tanda2 diorg tak bersyukur.. Semua orang Tuhan bahagikan rezeki tuh sama rata… Super mega adil laa orang cakap… U lack of something in dis area, and others might be lacking of something that u have… Putting it simple, I have oranges bt don’t have kiwis n u want em… Others hv kiwis n they wnt oranges… tho, kiwi lg mahal n lg sedap dr orange… Ishhh so logic laa u jeles with ea othr but u still need to be grateful w whhat u have…

Okie old me? And please remind ppl around u to not be the pot who calls the kettle black… Burok benor perangainye…

N please… Betul pepatah melayu ckp “kemana tumpah nye layk kalau bukan ke nasi”… In short, it runs in d family… Maybe some, its true… But not all…. So what if u come from a broken family… So what if ur parents gt divorced… So what if things happened in ur family… it doesn’t mean things will happen to you as well… Or if u r from a broken family, doesn’t mean u will have bad attitude.. Doesn’t mean u r a bad person… God gives us brain to think… some uses it and they become better… Stop judging people by ONLY what you know… Get to noe them better… They might turn out better than u r…

Eyh, chop… Dis shud be a note to myself kan? =p

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