Things i want to say to people

Sometimes, I want to say things to people but tak boleh..

because we are Malays yang penuh dgn budi bahasa, tatabicara.. so to be blunt is a BIG NO NO..

These things are dedicated to people around me, let it be friends, relatives especially foes..

1- Would you just shut up and do your work??? Other people are hired not to listen to your singing..! Its irritating!

2- Would you not go offshore??? Its freaking near to raya laa weyh!! *This is to Daia and this has been said out loud =p*

3- Would people just stop judging and stop saying i *and sesape seangkatan with me* should get married? we are still young! there’s nothing to rush.. and just because my lil sister is getting married doesnt mean “saham” dah jatuh okeiii!

4- I noe some people are “important” to the company ke, society ke.. but c’mon, other people works too.. other people have things to do also, other than doing YOUR job.. think this way.. if you think the cleaner has no significant role in the company, would you be working in a clean office, toilet, pantry?? would YOU DO HER/HIS JOB???? i doubt it… accept it, EVERYONE is important, and not one is exceptional.

5- Stop talking about others like you know them THAT MUCH.. beyotch..

6- Point 5 referred, but now for JERKS…

I shall add when i feel like it =)


2 minutes after publishing this entry… 

7- Stop being a pot calling the kettle black…

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