Rest In Peace

So Amy Winehouse died at 27.

Rest in peace Ms. Winehouse.

That’s 2 years older than I am. Woah.

Everytime someone known to me; let it be artist or friends or relatives, i wonder how would be mine like? Would people be sad about it? Would people talk bad and say “yea, she should have gone long ago. Even God doesn’t want her.” or “Now she’s gone, world is a better place to live”…

Damn, jahat gile laa aku ni kan? demm u guys yang berkate begitu once i’m gone.. I’ll haunt you for life! =p

But seriously, how would people react after someone dies? Typically, people would say these

1- Man, i should have do/say/done this or that for him/her.. now i feel bad

2- Hari tuh die ade mintak tolong something.. tak sangke it would be the last time.

3- Who would have thought..

4- Patut laa hari tuh die mcm pelik jer..

5- I’m gonna miss him.her *oh sangat laa jarang but i wish someone ade la ckp camni*

these are some to list a few laa..

But susah nye kite nak dermakan Al-Fatihah. Susah nye kite nak tolong ringankan beban Si pemergi.. Takutnye kalau kite buat salah sekarang and ade yang mengutuk waktu sebelum masuk liang lahad lagi.. betape panasnye tubuh.. betape pedihnye tubuh.. apetah lagi dalam liang lahad kene soal..

Ya Allah.. Ampunilah dosaku dan si pembace.. Ringan kan lah balasan kami di liang lahad dan akhirat kelak..


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