Monthly Archives: June 2011


i hate people who just assumes and come to a conclusion without even asking first..

i think these kind of people are stupid..

Just because there are some episodes that seems logic TO YOU, you came to a conclusion that you “want to hear”.. have these people play jigsaw puzzle before? the drawings on top might look it fits, but when you put it in, the 2 pieces doesnt slot in perfectly..

y can’t people live without rumors/gossips? yea, i dont deny, i myself like gossips but in the end, i try not to make any conclusion.. accept as it is.. jgn meluru jer nak fitnah orang..

ade byk lg nk kutuk orang mcm ni.. geram.. i just dont get it.. but in the end, you don’t know you did it until someone tells u so.. applied to me as well.. but as much as i know, i try to come down to the root.. ask that person personally.. AND I DO THAT EVEN IF THAT PERSON IS WAY OLDER/SUPERIOR THAN I AM!! what else friends…


I’m back

Yes people.. I’m back blogging what i have no idea just yet..

I kinda like the idea of runting to something about anything without thinking what that other end would think.. Readers, yea they’ll think stuff i guess but what’s more important is its out of the chest.. If there’s one thing I have forgotten what i do best is writing my feelings out rather than telling it to people… I am scared to say it out loud.. kutt.. =p

Hikmah got married last week and it was fun! Its been awhile since I/we are directly involve in a wedding.. Nisak *my lil sys* is getting engaged soon and I’m excited about it! June is like a wedding month..! I have invitations every week! As much as its tiring, but its still fun.. Gotta meet peeps who I haven’t met for god knows how long.. it was surely a moment to remember..

I wanna upload pictures but on company laptop hence no good picture to put up.. maybe soon enuf =)