The pros and the cons

Guy + Lady = complication

Heck.. when 2 people get together, there will definitely be complication.. two guys may have the same feature; 2 eyes, 1 nose and a mouth.. but the heart is totally different and it’s so hard to make 2 hearts the same..

But 2 hearts can get in-sync or adapt to each other..

Feelings are one of the most complicated things in a relationship.. sometimes, its good to have these feelings but at the same time.. aiyoooo~


Pros: A bit of this helps your partner know that you love him/her. As much as you don’t like showing it, but not showing at all gives a different message all together too..

Cons: A lot of this will make your partner feel you are one insecure bf/gf.. you should be happy and secured that your partner chose you instead of others.. lack of security = lack of trust.. If you trust your partner, you will have no issues with over jealousy.


Pros: Its nice to know someone is protective over you. Gives you the feeling of importance. So yea, show a little bit, once in a while that she/he is yours and want to have her/him all by yourself.

Cons: A lot of the last part will make you possessive instead of protective.


Pros: IIf you think you’ve done the last point i.e. possessing your partner, try to loosen up a bit.. trust her.. she/he loves you and that matter the most.

Cons: Too much and your partner will think you don’t care..


Pros: So I know a lot of magz outside say girls do all the complains and guys do all the ignoring.  But believe me, both guys and ladies do this.. I like to call this being honest with what you feel. Both guys and ladies should be doing this to make things clear. No aassumption from your other partner. If its too much, talk about it, solve it. You’ll get mad, sad whatever but you will feel good about it later cause you understand your partner better.

Cons: Of course, there are limits to spilling the beans. If you’ve been spilling the same beans every day, well pal, you have problems with yourself.. Ask yourself why are you “being honest”  or better vocab for it COMPLAIN about the same thing again and again and he/she has been telling you the same thing over and over again. Maybe he/she is telling the truth.

In the end, relationship will never be a simple thing. It will always be complicated but its how you entangle the wire of relationship will make your love life or any relationship better..

I’m no Doctor love but hey, a lil bit of my 2 cents =)

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