Monthly Archives: November 2010

it’s that time again

it’s that time again where i don’t know what to write but still wanna write..

i’ll start with telling the whole world how happy i am now a days.. I’m not sure why.. but at the same time, i kinda know, it’s because of that one person.. I am definite that person would not read this but heck, at least you know.. that person made my life more valuable and more meaningful.. most importantly, that person taught me about life from a totally different stage of life.

i was looking at old pictures.. Gosh how my nephews and nieces grow so fast!!! they were so damn adorable before and know, chicky and have their own logic world…

now, Nisa is 10 years old, likes to wear make up *learnt from her ciksu, anis akrimah*, drools over teenage boy artists, and VERY mature.. Hasan is 7 years old, got first place in class regardless his blurrness like his ateh aka myself and very sporting brother.. Hana, well, i babysit her when she’s a baby and now, she might be the same size as i am!!

at the same time, i don’t feel like i am old or anything.. i even sometimes accidentally call myself kakak or kak nis when with them.. yea yea, call me perasan but yea.. that’s exactly what happen.. i don’t feel like i am thatttt old.. i’m only 24!! ehehehehe…

calling the night…


Friends are getting married.. Happy for them.. Genuinely happy for them..

Secretly, I am jealous..

I know how it felt like getting all the preparations done.. Scratching out the things in your to-do list.. Especially counting those days..Thinking about it made me smile now =)

How can i mention about marriage to my Pingu? It’s kinda scary to ask him like “Dear, when do you think we can.. you know.. get married”.. errrrrr….. awkward!!!!

How do girls say it out loud anyways??? I gez when you’ve been together for awhile, talking about marriage is nothing anymore.

But how long is okei?

too much questions and too many doubts..

no wonder I’m still not married (~,~)”